Posted on 27th June 2012.


As it is so hot at the moment we were up early recently for a walk near Olargues, a beautiful French medieval town in Haut Languedoc. Olargues was occupied by the Romans, Vandals and Visigoths. At the end of the 11th century the Jaur valley came under the authority of the Château of the Viscount of Minerve. The following centuries saw a succession of wars and epidemics, and it wasn’t until the 18th century that Olargues became re-established, due to the prosperity of local agriculture and artisanal industry.

We started by walking through the town’s narrow cobbled streets and over the Pont du Diable, the ‘Devil’s Bridge’ dating back to 1202. Then on up into the hills behind, through old sweet chestnut plantations (used for flour on bygone days) and lots of cherry trees, still laden with fruit - of which we availed ourselves! Onto a lovely little chapel nestled amongst the trees and a meander through old mule tracks back to Olargues in the shade of the forest. A lovely stroll of about 3 hours before the heat of the day really set in.